Creative Classroom Contest: Grove City students get head start with screen printing

Caring for our Community

Each December, the WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign recognizes four teachers across the Valley and surprises them with $500. Teachers apply to win, then a panel picks the entries with the best ideas. Our first winner comes from Grove City High School in Grove City, Pa. 

GROVE CITY, Pa. (WKBN) – Visual design students at Grove City High School believe screen printing workshop can teach them new things.

The creative classroom was intrigued by that idea. We’re going to help them out. They are a creative classroom $500 a winner!

“That’s awesome – thank you,” said Jared Henshaw of Grove City High School.

“My idea is to have these students in here, these are the visual design students at Grove City High School. We would like to incorporate a screen printing lab. Right now we do some tee shirts with our cad cutter over here and a heat press and uh, these kids here right now, they’re working on some designs and it’s really for them. I don’t even know what to say… I’m speechless,” Henshaw said.

It’s a learning experience. Financing other things.

“They can do some entrepreneurship with this so they can do where they look at the supplies they need for the shirts. When we do this, we’ve tried to do it as we have a client. And so say the client is Dr. Venter, Dr. Weaver. And they give us a thing they would like and we try to make a design to meet the client’s needs and then uh, they bought, we look at the supplies we need and then we print them out and put it together. But, uh, we look at how much it costs us per shirt for us to buy the supplies, how much it costs for the vinyl, and then we look at what we would sell it for to make a profit on top of that,” Henshaw said.

There is a proud tradition of clubs, teams, sports teams and activities.

Henshaw says in the past they have done middle school volleyball shirts, doing them at cost to give back to the school and community. 

“So a lot of things that we make, we try to figure out can we do it in-house for less and then that way, you know, the sports teams don’t have to pay as much, but it’s a learning experience for the kids too,” he said.

The kids use programs such as Adobe Illustrator to make designs and they are able to cut them out, put them together and press them. 

“I appreciate it – thanks a lot. It’s about them – it’s really about them – thank you,” Henshaw said.

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