Creative Classroom Contest: Champion students get boost for makerspace

Caring for our Community

Each December, the WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign recognizes four teachers across the Valley and surprises them with $500. Teachers apply to win, then a panel picks the entries with the best ideas. Our third winner comes from Champion High School in Champion Township, Ohio. 

The “Flashzone” is a place in one local school where students have space to define their career path or passion.

The Creative Classroom Contest is going to help them make it better.

Rebecca Baxter, a science teacher at Champion High School, talked about the school’s Flashzone and how she will use her $500 winnings. 

“It’s down the hall, and we have lots of fun and creative ideas that we are going to put in there. We’re hoping to put a kiln in there, we’ve got a 3-D printer to go in there, a vinyl cutter, so lots of very exciting things that we want to go in there,” she said. 

STEM students at Champion High School created the Flashzone space, which includes unique items to help students learn new things while discovering career options. This makerspace is open to all 441 students at the high school. 

The $500 will be added to about $1,100 that students already raised through fundraisers. They hope to add a scientific kiln to allow students to smelt metal, melt glass, make ceramics and experiment with plastics. 

“Well, it’s definitely going to give them skills that they can use in a career path in science or even in trade skills,” Baxter said. “It’s going to allow them to look at the different elements and what’s going to be properties and characteristics that they make up. They are life-long skills that can be transferred into many different aspects of their life, and we are really excited about it.”

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