YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – South Range Senior Jackson Yeagley chose to draw on his own personal experience from working at a grocery store for his written PSA entry in the Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship contest.

Yeagley chose a theme of ‘we are all connected’ and featured ‘The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley.

Read Jackson’s winning script for The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley below:

4th Runner-Up: Jackson Yeagley, South Range High School

In life, everyone wants to be happy, have fun, and be accepted.  Remember to be inclusive, not exclusive.  The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley wants everyone to be connected and reminds everyone to share experiences with all.  We all like to give high fives or chow down on a great piece of pizza.  Regardless of your spot in life or how you do the two steps, the main point is that we all hear the same beat.  We need to feel love and find our purpose together.  Remember to accept, include and respect people of all abilities.