Whether it be Kid’s Identikits, or Creative Classroom contests, Caring for Our Community has been there to pour out support to our residents and families in the area since 1994.

But, that couldn’t be possible without the partnerships of its sponsors who step out and give back to the residents of the Valley’s residents.

“So, here we are some 30 plus years later and we still got this campaign going. It’s evolved over the years and I think part of the reason it’s evolved is it’s not just important to us, it’s important to people like you guys. Once again you get out into the community and you can actually impact the community in a real meaningful way,” David Coy, general manager of WKBN, said to the room full of sponsors.

Caring for Our community has five sponsors from the area that have dedicated their time and resources to giving back to others in the community. 

“So, we go and pick up trash, we’ve done that for years. We also do the Identikits at the Canfield Fair, so we have that at our stand and that’s really nice. And it has kids and adults come and interact with us and our employees get to join in with it too, which is nice,” said Amanda Moran of Window World. 

Wednesday morning the Caring for Our Community team gathered together to recognize all of the sponsors for their hard work over the years, as well as welcome two new sponsors to the team.

“Well as a community health center and one who’s been around for over 33 years, our mission is to give back to the community. So being amongst a group of people who have that same mission to go out and do things for the community, like we’re super excited for that opportunity,” said Megan Kovacich, with One Health Ohio. 

“You know for us, we like to make money, but we’re all about doing our part to make the community better,” said John Kufleitner, of Columbiana Chrysler Jeep Dodge. 

With the team growing, there is one sponsor who has been there since the very beginning and says they plan on being there until the very end. 

“Well, Huntington has been around since 1859 and one of our major philosophies is local and giving back to the communities where we live and work and Caring for Our Community is a perfect example of how we’re doing that,” said Sandy Upperman of Huntington Bank. 

“It’s more than just a bunch of spots on the air. What er love about this campaign is with our sponsor partners, we’re actually out in the community and we’re actually doing good things,” Coy said. “Whether it’s the Identikit, or it’s an event for the Beatitude House, whether it’s cleaning up a neighborhood, or volunteering to rehab a house with Habitat, things like that, we’re actually most proud of the fact that we’re actually accomplishing good things in the community.”

During Wednesday’s luncheon, a new song was also unveiled to highlight all of the hard work of the volunteers over the years. You can watch that full video below. 

You can keep up with the work that Caring for Our Community is doing, as well as future events planned by clicking the Community tab on our website.