Being thankful for what you have earns local high school senior top honors

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Ava Kavulla's own life plays a key role in writing her winning scholarship for the Salvation Army

SHARPSVILLE, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Food and clothes are two necessities that many of us take for granted. High School senior Ava Kavulla wanted to highlight the fact that there is a need in our community and the Salvation Army of Mahoning County is here to help.

She chose the Salvation Army because her focus was helping others, and she saw how they did that each and every day. Ava’s overall script idea is simple, and something we can all relate to – take a look at your own life and be thankful.

Her idea earned Ava fourth place in the 2021 WKBN Caring for Our Community Scholarship Contest. She will be highlighted in the commercial below that you can see throughout April and May on WKBN-TV 27.

Congratulations to Ava and all our 2021 Caring for Our Community scholarship winners from Dunkin, Window World, Farmers National Bank, Southwoods Health, Kufleitner Automotive Group and WKBN 27 First News.

Read Ava’s script for The Salvation Army of Mahoning Valley below:

FOURTH PLACE – Ava Kavulla – PHAA – Senior

[Scene fades-in with character grumpily looking through kitchen cabinet for food to eat]

Narrator: Have you ever been really hungry and said-

Character [Dramatically exclaims] : “I’m starved!”

[Scene fades-in with character sifting through closet, indecisive about what to wear]

Narrator: Have you ever stood by your closet and said-

Character [Dramatically exclaims] : “I have nothing to wear!”

[Blur Transition to background screen with words flashing “no food”, “no clothes”, “basic human needs”, “our community” as narrator speaks them]

Narrator [Emphasizes] : Some people, truly, have no food to put on the table or clothes to wear. For almost 150 years, The Salvation Army of Mahoning County has helped meet the basic human needs of others in our community.

[Scene quickly transitions to character happily taking food from kitchen cabinet and clothes from closet to give away. Character places items in a box which has words “DONATE” written on the side.]

Narrator: You, too, can make a huge impact! Donate food, clothes and your time.

[Blur transition to background screen with words “give now” and “text MCASOH to 41444” as narrator speaks them]

Narrator: Or, give now by texting MCASOH to 41444. You have an opportunity to make a difference!

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