2020 WKBN Caring Scholarship – 5th Place Winner – Alexa Fullerman

Caring for our Community

Struthers junior, Alexa Fullerman, wrote her PSA about the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley

STRUTHERS, Ohio (WKBN) – The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors local juniors and seniors in our Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship competition. In 2020, more than 200 students sent in entries from across the Valley.

We would like to congratulate our fifth place winner – Alexa Fullerman, a junior at Struthers High School, who wrote her PSA about the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley.


Camera Description:

Sad music is played as a young boy with Down syndrome is shown in a classroom; the image is flipped upside down. A teacher talks him through a math problem. The teacher’s voice is drowned out because he does not understand what’s going on. The math book is shown, and there is a match cut to a picture book. The boy is now on a playground. Again, he is shown upside down.  He is sitting alone. Everyone but him is playing. These children are not filmed upside down.  

“Sometimes, my Down syndrome makes me feel down..”

 A hand reaches out and grabs his, and the music is no longer sad. 

“…but the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley picks me right back up.”

The screen fades to kids playing at the DSAV. The picture is no longer upside down, and it is filmed with a muted lense to display dream-like quality. They are shown swimming, playing basketball, and getting the help they need with their educations. 

“Because of their kindness, my friends and I have the opportunity to be like the other kids our age.” 

Then, a puzzle piece is placed to finish a puzzle. 

“We are all small pieces to a larger picture. Together, we can reach for the stars and change the world.” 

The boy has a cape on when he says this, and he is standing in front of the other members of the association. They are all wearing blue and yellow.

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