2020 WKBN Caring Scholarship – 3rd Place Winner – Mikayla Bloom

Caring for our Community

TCTC junior, Mikayla Bloom, wrote her PSA about the Help Network of Northeast Ohio

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors local juniors and seniors in our Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship competition. In 2020, more than 200 students sent in entries from across the Valley.

We would like to congratulate our third place winner – Mikayla Bloom, a junior at Trumbull Career and Technical Center, who wrote her PSA about the Help Network of Northeast Ohio.


A wide shot, there’s a bench sitting by itself in a park. There’s a sidewalk in front of the bench. Birds are chirping, you can hear distant noises, it’s a sunny day and an overall relaxing environment. A man walks into the shot and sits on the bench. Cut to a medium shot of him sitting and letting out a huge sigh. A woman’s voice over is now heard (VO), “Life can be hard sometimes…” the man closes his eyes and appears to be at peace. Cut back to first shot music now starts to fade in. “you can be suffering and nobody would even know.” 

The camera starts to slowly move towards the man on the bench. People start to walk through the shot, their footsteps can be easily heard. Cut to a medium shot of the man trying to adjust himself. The woman’s voice appears again (VO) “Sometimes people are afraid to ask for help,” The shot’s environment starts to get more overwhelming as more people walk into the frame. A lady with a stroller walks by trying to calm her crying baby… Cut to a medium shot of the man, his eyes open and he readjusts himself by sliding closer to his seat’s edge . A man on a bike rides past ringing their bell nonstop… Cut to a close up of the man’s hands squeezing the bench. A kid playing kick ball loses their ball and it hits the man’s foot, the kid takes the ball and runs away. During this time background noises get louder, the background music also gets louder. Cut back to the original camera that is pushing towards the man. 

     The woman says (VO), “problems… emotions… anxiety… relationships… work… all of these obstacles we have to face can all come together and push you to the edge.” All the background noises start to sound blocked out and as if you’re underwater. The sound of a booming heart is heard and many cut away shots of the man are shown to the sound of the heart’s beat. There are close up shots of the man’s forehead dripping in sweat, closeups of the man’s hands still squeezing the bench and his veins popping out, there are medium shots of him fidgeting on the bench, then the first camera used is fully zoomed on the man’s face, who sheds only a single tear. 

The woman’s voice appears and says (VO) “You don’t have to suffer in silence”. The camera cut’s to the beginning wide shot except this time all the chaos around the man is gone and he isn’t the only one sitting there, there’s a woman sitting next to him. Birds start chirping again and the text  (the video blurs out so the text stands out) “DONATE TO HELP NETWORK OF NORTHEAST OHIO” appears in the middle of screen and the text “AS LITTLE AS FIVE DOLLARS CAN SAVE A LIFE” appears underneath. Graphics disappear and the the organization’s logo and number pop up.

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