2020 WKBN Caring Scholarship – 2nd Place Winner – Aaron Hinchliffe

Caring for our Community

Lisbon junior, Aaron Hinchliffe, wrote his PSA about the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors local juniors and seniors in our Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship competition. In 2020, more than 200 students sent in entries from across the Valley.

We would like to congratulate our second place winner – Aaron Hinchliffe, a junior at David Anderson High School in Lisbon, who wrote his PSA about the Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County.


Camera on elderly man:

Elderly man is looking at photos of him, and his wife. He smiles as he reminisces. The man looks at a picture of him and his children. Man checks his phone to see if they’ve texted him, he has no new notifications. Man hits the voicemail button on his home phone, the phone system replies, “No new messages.” Man looks outside.

Mans Perspective, (Looking through window.):

He sees his neighbor’s family outside playing fetch with their dog. 

Camera on Man:

He glances at an old photo of his family with a golden retriever, and smiles.

Scene Change, (Man driving car.):

The man is driving, and hears an advertisement for animal adoption from The Animal Welfare League. The ad says “There are millions of dogs in need of a home, give a furry friend a second chance today.” Man drives to The Animal Welfare League, gets out of the vehicle, and walks in. 

Scene Change, (Man inside The Animal Welfare League.):

Immediately upon walking in, a golden retriever walks up to the man, and sits beside him. He looks at the dog, and smiles.

Scene Change, (Man driving away.): 

Man is driving away with the dog in his passenger seat, he pets his new friend and drives home. 

Voiceover, spoke as man is driving home:

 “Countless animals are waiting for their companion, adopt your forever friend today.”

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