2019 WKBN Caring Scholarship – 6th Place Winner – Galena Lopuchovsky

Caring for our Community

The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors local juniors and seniors in our Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship competition.  In 2019, more than 225 entries were recieved from across our Valley.

We would like to congratulate our 6th place winner – Galena Lopuchovsky, a senior at Poland High School, who wrote her PSA about Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley.

(Young girl #1, playing with a robot in her computer class):
I can be an engineer
(Young boy #1, sitting at a desk in a classroom, working on his math homework):
I can be a financial consultant
(Young girl #2, giving a presentation to her class):
I can be a state senator
(Young boy #2, in science class with safety goggles on):
I can be a pharmacist

(Video fades into Junior Achievement volunteers in classroom; then Young girl #1 playing with the robot in her computer class; then Young boy #1, sitting at a desk in a classroom working on his math homework; then Young girl #2, giving a presentation to her class; then Young boy #2 in science class with safety goggles on)
*Play announcer voiceover as clips play* Announcer *Voiceover*: Want to make a difference to inspire the next generation of professionals in the Mahoning Valley? Volunteer with Junior Achievement of the Mahoning Valley! JA volunteers are investors, educators, and local leaders who prepare and inspire the next generation to succeed in life through financial, community, and career education.
(Young girl #1, now grown up, working in an industrial engineering setting)
Thank you JA
(Young boy #1, now grown up, in a business meeting room, working as financial consultant)
Thank you JA
(Young girl #2, now grown up, sitting in her senators office)
Thank you JA
(Young boy #2, now grown up, wearing a white pharmacists coat, working in a pharmacy)
Thank you Junior Achievement
(Fades into graphic with Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley logo, includes phone number and website)
Announcer: Visit warren-youngstown.ja.org today to learn how you can make a difference.

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