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2019 WKBN Caring Scholarship – 1st Place Winner – Emilee Bebech

Caring for our Community

The WKBN 27 Caring for Our Community campaign honors local juniors and seniors in our Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship competition.  In 2019, more than 225 entries were recieved from across our Valley.

We would like to congratulate our 1st place winner – Emilee Bebech, a junior at Trumbull Career & Technical Center, who wrote her PSA about Lifebanc.

Shows main character’s face driving
Main character perspective driving in snowy conditions and loses control of vehicle crashing into the pole.
Main character perspective, blurred vision waking up in hospital Main character perspective getting up out of hospital bed to go to the bathroom Main character looking in hospital bathroom mirror missing an eye

Other character registering to become and organ donor
Other character consulting with physician about donation

Nurse walking up behind main character standing in mirror Nurse: “This is only a temporary self image.” Main character: What do you mean? Nurse showing main character paper of the other character’s health information Nurse: We got you a match.

SCENE SWITCH  Shows other character’s face sitting in inpatient room at hospital waiting to get called for transplant Nurse: (says other character’s name) we are ready for you.

SCENE SWITCH Main character laying in bed Main character perspective laying in bed looking at nurse walk into room Nurse: Today’s the day!
Scene switches back and forth from each patient getting procedure done
Shows both character’s meeting each other
Main character crying and hugging the other character who is the organ donor
Main character: crying “You changed my life”
VOICEOVER:  “Over 22 people die daily because the organ they need is not donated in time. You have the power to help save up to 8 lives”

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