NORTH LIMA, Ohio (WKBN) — A woman who runs a sewing camp in California is from the Valley, and she has a history spanning decades with the Canfield Fair

Amy Russell went to the Canfield Fair for 48 straight years.

“I love the Canfield Fair. I miss it,” Russell said.

She won 4-H ribbons and even an award for cupcake decoration. But she’s missed the last 10 fairs.

“I need an elephant ear and some Richardson’s Fries like nobody’s business,” she said.

Russell graduated from South Range in 1983. Four generations of her family have graduated from North Lima High School, or what is now known as South Range High School. Former Raiders football coach Dan Yeagley is her brother-in-law.

Sewing was in her life during those 4-H years. Four years ago, she started StitchSpace, where she’s teaching others to sew, crochet and even stitch.

“It’s just a great skill to have. They’re great skills to have in your life,” Russell said.

Russell says a CBS network story has led to inquiries from around the nation. StitchSpace has just one location in Los Angeles.

The idea behind Stitch Space is to teach these fiber arts, and watch people sew together new creations.

“The goal is to reduce waste and create your own fashion and be able to mend and alter and upcycle things that you have possibly in your closets or other thrifted items to reduce that amount of waste that we have created with the fast-fashion in the world,” Russell said.

StitchSpace has classes for beginners or people with advanced sewing skills. Russell sees benefits for everyone with the creative process

“That’s the type of space that we are trying to create for people. That they can come and be happy,” Russell said.

For more information on Russell’s sewing camp, visit StitchSpace’s website or check out their social media.