Canfield Fair crowds create growing need for parking on and off property

Canfield Fair

Booth said they can park about 50,000 cars on a busy day

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Since the Canfield Fair brings people together from all over Ohio and out of state, it has 375 acres dedicated to parking and more space could be added on.

“We need to get more and more space all the time because of the traffic that comes in. The fair is growing and the need for parking is always a premium,” said Canfield Fair parking director Chuck Booth.

Booth said they can park about 50,000 cars on a busy day. With that many cars, the fair has its own set of transportation to help take people from their cars to the gates.

“We have shuttles that pick you up, so when you get back from the fair, so far, we have shuttles that come around with tractors that pick you up and bring you to the fair. We try to make it as convenient as possible for everybody.”

There’s even a system for helping people who forget where they parked.

“So we have people that follow the cars back and after we park two lanes, they log it. So when they come out and they’re lost, then we can find their car immediately because we have it all logged,” said Booth.

Although it is free to park at the fair, some people might pay a little extra to park elsewhere.

Jarod Tincher lives across the street from the fairgrounds. He said that some houses charge more than the $5 that he is charging, but he feels that his price is fair.

“People of Youngstown work hard for their money. Give them a break. It’s free over there. It’s just convenient so you don’t want to push it and charge way too much,” said Tincher.

Back in 2018, the fair had over 14,000 people in attendance on Wednesday, 39,000 people on Thursday and 49,000 people on Friday.

This year, there were over 21,000 people on Wednesday, 34,000 people on Thursday and 47,000 people on Friday.

During the first three days, almost 102,000 people attended the fair both last year and this year.

The Canfield Fair will continue through Labor Day. For a list of upcoming events on Sunday, click here.

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