CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Even though the event ended Monday night, the Canfield Fairgrounds is still a busy place as crews take apart all the rides..put away all the tents and concessionaires get their trailers ready to leave.

After a sunny start, the weekend’s rains made an impact.

“It affected attendance. We’ll be down about 40,000 people. It doesn’t seem like a large amount but it is,” said Canfield Fair Board President George Roman.

According to a press release, the total attendance numbers for the Canfield Fair were 245,140. This is significantly down from 2021’s numbers of 285,126. Roman said the loss will mean less money to re-invest in the fairgrounds.

“We’re like every other homeowner out there. We have gas lines, we have roofs, and water lines that always need repairs and replaced. That’s part of the process of what we use the money for here,” Roman said.

Concessionaires say they were actually doing well at this year’s fair until the rains came on Sunday.

“The first three or four days of the fair were pretty comparable to last year,” said Jerry Demaiolo, owner of Demailol’s Hot Sausage. “Mother Nature held off some people. It was a decent crowd. Sunday was actually pretty good for the way the weather turned out.”

Concessionaires admit Saturday night’s large fight on the grounds that led to gunfire didn’t help. Roman said their priority will continue to be safety.

“We will do everything in our power to protect our presence, our people that come out here. Our main goal is safety, and we will do everything that’s possible to continue that,” he said.

George Roman, the Canfield Fair Board Director, blames the weather for the lower attendance.

“Weather played a factor in the attendance dip from last year, but it was great to [have] 8000 fans in the stands on Sunday night for the Sam Hunt concert, even after all the rain, it turned into a beautiful evening,” said Roman.

The Canfield Fair, though, is still the largest county fair in Ohio in its 176th year.

For now, the 177th edition of the Canfield Fair will begin August 30, 2023.