‘Better to have something than nothing’: Junior Fair will go on as Canfield Fair is canceled

Canfield Fair

There won't be any food, rides or walking around in 2020 but the barns won't be empty

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Fifty-seven days until the scheduled start of the Canfield Fair but there’s less to crow about this year — it’s canceled, with the exception of Junior Fair, which is still happening.

The Junior Fair will be the star of the 174th Canfield Fair, which is closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There won’t be any food, rides or walking around in 2020 but the barns won’t be empty.

Asher Handrych has been busy getting a turkey, two chickens and one pig ready for the Canfield Fair. For him, there’s nothing like show days.

“You’ll get them out into the ring and you just cannot wait for the judge to look at your pig,” he said. “‘Come on, come on! Look at my pig!’ It’s just really cool.”

Elijah Handrych is raising a pig for the fourth year. That means getting up every morning to feed and walk it.

“My pig is big and it’s muscular, but I need to get a lot of weight off it,” he said.

A fair pig needs to be between 220 and 300 pounds to look its best.

4-H teaches responsibility and the kids find out quickly it’s hard work. The Junior Fair is the culmination of raising that animal and learning a lot along the way.

Asher has learned plenty in his five years with 4-H.

“Learn some new skill that I didn’t know before,” he said. “Like with the pigs — every year, it’s a different pig. It’s a harder challenge or a different challenge.”

The pigs enjoy the limelight and on 90-degree days, a nice spray of water as well.

The Junior Fair will still have animal showings this year, as well as auctions Thursday and Friday.

“I am disappointed but it should work out, hopefully,” Elijah said. “It’s better to have something than nothing.”

A great way to keep some semblance of normalcy in an unusual year.

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