CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – WKBN continues honoring “Remarkable Women” in the Valley who inspire while impacting the community. WKBN met up with 2022’s Remarkable Woman winner Crystal Siembida-Boggs and one of the runners-up, Teri Ely.

Siembida-Boggs runs the Siembida-Boggs Philanthropic Foundation, while Ely is the executive director of Veterans’ Outreach.

So what is it that makes a woman remarkable?

“A remarkable woman is someone who lives with passion,” said Ely. “A passion for work to help the community and uses it to help others.”

Siembida-Boggs agrees.

“It takes a lot of effort every single day to get up and face the world. It’s not easy out there. So to get out there and do anything to give back makes you remarkable,” she said.

Both women also say having a strong support system is key to being successful in going above and beyond in the community.

“We are so blessed with the support that we have all around us. It drives us to do more,” said Ely.

“I look at the projects we do,” said Siembida-Boggs, “When somebody comes back and tells you what you’re doing is making an impact, that’s what I’m doing this for.”

Siembida-Boggs also chose to pay some of her Remarkable Woman reward forward.

“As the 2022 Remarkable Woman, I was presented $1,000. I’m giving $100 to each of the three runners-up because they are remarkable still and their organizations deserve to be recognized,” she said.

WKBN’s Remarkable Woman for 2023 will be announced in March.