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Dr. Charles Verbanic D.D.S is the President of Pristine Dental and Sleep Easy Dental Spa located in Liberty, Ohio. Dr. Verbanic has spent over 35 years cultivating his renowned skills as a dental professional who is dedicated to providing general, preventive and cosmetic dental procedures. He is a Newton Falls, Ohio native and shares his time between Northeast, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He, and his wife Carolyn, enjoy spending time traveling, visiting with their children, gardening and bowling. Dr. Verbanic is a proud graduate of both The Ohio State State University, as well as The American Institute of Law. Dr. Verbanic greets each day, and each patient, with a can-do approach… He always finds a way to achieve a goal! His favorite part of his job is being able to give his patients more confidence in everything they do and a healthier life… Especially people who deal with snoring and sleep apnea! He can help you say ‘goodbye’ to your C-PAP machine!

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