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John R. Stoeffler’s Nonprofit Project Inspires New Book

“Lexie's Gift” encourages readers to give for a cause.

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Following the success of the project that John R. Stoeffler and his wife, the former Linda Diane Lord, started in 2008, comes a touching and uplifting story book inspired by the project.

Author John R. Stoeffler attended Pennsylvania Military College, graduating in 1963 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He was then commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. Fast forward to 2008, he and his wife came up with the project called "Sweet Dreams Pillows." The beneficiary of this project are the children of deployed members of the U.S. Armed Forces. This aims to compensate for the absence of the parents in their kids’ life while being deployed, defending the nation across the world. Over 13,000 pillows were made and shipped free to the beneficiaries, with the help of volunteers.

In “Lexie's Gift,” Stoeffler introduces readers to the lead character Lexie and her best friend Susan. Everything was going well, but then Susan’s father was ordered to active duty where he would be away from her for a long time. Empathizing with Susan's situation, Lexie thought of a gift that would lift the former’s spirit. In order to comfort Susan who must be missing her dad who was deployed in the military, Lexie came up with the idea of a pillow with Susan’s father's picture printed on the front. Indeed, this made Susan so happy.

This engaging tale will surely delight young readers. It also imparts good values such as empathy and cooperation that children can easily pick up on. The illustrations are also vibrant and eye-catching. Get a copy now of “Lexie’s Gift,” available on Amazon and other major online platforms.

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