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Local TV Advertising Remains Key for Law Firms—and Requires Special Maintenance

A man wearing a suit coat and open collar shirt looks out the window of an office building. Law firm partners overseeing their firm's TV advertising should understand the importance of ongoing management of their campaigns.

Law firm partners overseeing their firms' TV advertising should understand the importance of ongoing management of their campaigns.

TV advertising continues to be a key way for law firms to grow. This requires attention to the special discipline of monitoring ads and recouping missed spots.

NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Advertising on traditional broadcast and cable TV continues to be a major factor in how both local and large law firms gain business.

The Nielsen media measurement company found that non-streaming TV still made up 56 percent of the television-viewing audience in mid-2022, even as streaming gained ground.

(Source: https://www.nielsen.com/insights/2022/streaming-claims-largest-piece-of-tv-viewing-pie-in-july/)

As law firms work with TV stations, they need to conduct careful reviews of how their advertising runs. Firms can’t afford to just book ads and not follow up.

Multiple snags in TV schedules lead to spots being pre-empted or running off track from the plan. When that happens, media auditors and buyers work to strengthen a firm’s campaigns.

A recent case study from the Firmidable law firm marketing agency demonstrated the importance of behind-the-scenes monitoring of TV campaigns.

Through this process, a plaintiff’s law firm located in Waco, Tex., was able to recoup thousands of dollars in missed TV time, including 1,449 bonus spots negotiated on top of the firm’s original media plan.

Negotiating to compensate for TV schedule changes is crucial for law firms to maximize their advertising budgets.

And for many local firms and others, working with TV stations is still a highly relevant and potent strategy in the era of streaming TV.

In terms of time spent watching video content, traditional TV has continued to hold strong, sometimes more than doubling the time spent on streaming.

(Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/bradadgate/2022/04/19/the-shift-to-streaming-has-challenges/?sh=6448d8d15513)

Firmidable helps law firms across the United States create, execute and manage their advertising and media strategies, including auditing their TV campaigns to get the most exposure possible.

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