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National Indian Health Board's entire Archives Library published online



Engineered Data LLC has digitized The National Indian Health Board's Archives Library, documenting NIHB's 50 Year Legacy of Service to Tribal Nations

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, January 24, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Engineered Data LLC (EDLLC) has digitized The National Indian Health Board's (NIHB's ) Archives Library enterprise-wide, viewable @ https://www.nihb.org/nihb-archives/index.html. NIHB's Archives Library includes Public Health Conference Event Programs, Legislative + Federal Advocacy Records, News Articles + Press Releases, Photos, Public Health Records, Tribal Consultations + Resolutions, Workshop Manuscripts, and related Artifacts.

In addition to categorizing Archives by [1] "Keyword", NIHB's Archives are also categorized by [2] Individual "Last Name" (https://www.nihb.org/nihb-archives/nihb-archives_name.html) + [3] "Document Type" (https://www.nihb.org/nihb-archives/nihb-archives_document.html). All 3 webpages cumulatively comprise over 63,000 lines of code, documenting The National Indian Health Board's 50 Year Legacy of Service in the Federal Advocacy, Epidemiologic & Health Equity Sectors to the 574 Sovereign American Native & Alaska Native Tribal Nations of the USA.

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