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Sani Sport machine becomes focal point of Cornell Covid-19 Study

MONTREAL, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - It is an absolute honor for Sani Sport to be a part of this medical study, which has now been formally published in Genes.

As the pandemic came to a rise, the Weill Cornell Medical College sought out a solution on how to reduce bacteria and viruses within a wide range of medical equipment. The Sani Sport Supreme machine quickly became the focal point of their study. The Sani Sport Supreme is used throughout law enforcement, the military and professional sports to significantly reduce pathogens in their protective equipment. 

From the Study
  • There is a need of novel approaches for effective disinfection tools that control drug resistant pathogens and reduce antibiotic utilization and consumption
  • These bacteria were grown and tested in triplicate on four high-traffic surfaces from the hospital equipment: catheters, blankets, hospital remote controls, and syringes, with positive and negative controls also included for comparison
  • Ozone disinfection of surfaces and hospital personal protective equipment (PPE) has been suggested to be a more eco-friendly disinfectant with a short half-life, leaving no chemical byproducts behind.
  • Our findings provide support that ozone treatment is an effective sterilization method to combat HAIs in medical environments.

Ozone Treatment for Elimination of Bacteria and SARS-CoV2 for Medical Environments

"We observed a rapid killing of medically-relevant and environmental bacteria (Escherichia coliEnterococcus faecalisBacillus subtlis, and Deinococcus radiodurans) across four surfaces (blankets, catheter, remotes, and syringes) within 30 minutes. These results show the strong promise of ozone treatment for reducing risk of infection and HAIs."

About Sani Sport

Sani Sport manufactures machines which help reduce harmful viruses and bacteria in and on personal protective equipment (PPE). Since their inception in 2001, Sani Sport has supplied machines to the US Marshals, the US Navy, Department of Homeland Security, and many other military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Sani Sport has also been a part of the sanitary protocols for many NHL, NFL and MLB teams.

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