Tuesday's forecast will change city by city

We've been back and forth on the chance for precipitation with Tuesday's storm multiple times. One model run takes the system further north, then it changes hours later.

As we get closer, there is better agreement on where the storm center will go, but that doesn't make our forecast any easier.


There is good agreement on the timing of the rain and snow (that's if you see any precipitation at all). The edge of the system will clip our area late Tuesday and into Wednesday morning.


Totals will be low. With the combination of both rain and snow, it will deplete any snow that reaches the ground. At the most, we could see a quarter of an inch of rain.


Yeah... about that.

Here are the two models, American and European, on how much liquid equivalent we will receive. That is including both rain and snow.

With the edge of the storm moving right over us, the forecast will change city by city as you move north. The greatest chance for the rain and snow mix will be in Columbiana County and will diminish as you move northward.

This won't be a major event, but a tiny shift in the storm track could be the difference if you see some snow, rain or nothing at all.

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