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Cincinnati Police: Parents overdosed in child's hospital room

CNN Newsource - CINCINNATI, Ohio (WCPO) - In Cincinnati, police say a mom and dad overdosed on drugs while in their sick child's hospital room.

Investigators say the mother was dead by the time she was found. The father is being treated at U.C. Medical Center.

The sick child is just seven months old.

Hamilton County's Heroin Task Force leader and the county coroner were stunned at what happened Thursday at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

"Just about now nothing really surprises me. I mean, it is shocking where it happened, how it happened. You're right there with your child," said Hamilton County Heroin Task Force Chief Tom Synan.

"It's really sad to have to address this issue, especially in front of a child -- in front of all those children and other parents that could have been nearby," said the County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco.

Police said it appeared the parents had injected heroin before they were found.

"You would think they wouldn't be compelled to do something like that -- that the child would be the number one priority, but I don't think we're dealing with people anymore. It's the heroin, and the heroin literally takes over," Synan said.

Sammarco added, "Once somebody is in the throes of addiction, I think they lose a lot of their priorities and lose who they are and become somebody else... something else."

Meanwhile, the battle against heroin and opiate addiction continues with no end in sight.

"I wish I had some answers. I really do," Smmarco said. "All I can tell you is that our office is inundated, and if I had some answers we would be implementing them now."

Cincinnati Police and the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force are working to track the drug back to the seller, who could end up with possible involuntary manslaughter charges. The child's father might face a weapons charge, since he had a handgun when found.

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