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VIDEO: School bus driver accused of physically abusing girl with autism

Police said Kim Klopson was taking students with special needs to school

VACAVILLE, Calif. (WFLA) - A lawyer representing a California family has released surveillance video that appears to show a school bus driver taunting and abusing an 8-year-old girl with autism.

The Feb. 6 incident was captured on bus security cameras and led to the arrest of the bus driver, 64-year-old Kim Klopson.

According to police, Klopson was transporting a group of students with special needs to Browns Valley Elementary School in Vacaville and began confronting the student after the girl allegedly started blocking the aisle with her leg.

“If you stick your feet out again…you are going to be on the window,” Klopson can be heard saying.

Once the bus arrived at the school, Klopson grabbed the girl's backpack, ordered her to stay seated and said the girl was “misbehaving as always.”

When a paraeducator tried to help the girl off the bus, Klopson continued grabbing and berating the child.

“She’s acting like she’s younger than her baby sister,” Klopson said in the video. “She’s only 2, how old are you? One? Oh no, a baby.”

“OK, so I get to do that again? Help you sit up? Get up,” Klopson said as she threw the girl down. “You wanna crawl? You can crawl.”

The girl hit her head on the ground as she tried to get away from Klopson.

“Nah nah nah nah nah,” Klopson said. “You done? Nah nah nah nah nah.”

Klopson tried to force the girl's backpack on her.

“Please stop it,” the girl cried. “I don’t want to. Stop it.”

“No, I’m not gonna stop it," Klopson replied.

She is then seen dragging the girl off the bus.

“It’s OK, I didn’t hurt her, guys,” Klopson can be heard saying to people outside the bus. “I mean, you’re all like ― it’s OK. Bye…I’ll see you after school. That should be interesting.”

Police said the girl was left with cuts on her head.

Klopson was charged with child abuse, to which she’s pleaded not guilty.

She told ABC7 that the video “shouldn’t have been [released],” adding that, “They’ll make a great big deal about that.”

The child's parents say they now plan to file a civil suit against the school district.

Klopson is due back in court in July.

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