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Warren G. Harding choir dedicates song to supportive school resource officer

Officer Mike Currington was asked to stand front and center during the concert

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Students at Warren G. Harding High School recognized the man in blue that some even call their "school dad." It was an unexpected and emotional tribute during Wednesday's choir concert.

When the students finished their rendition of Journey's power ballad "Faithfully," School Resource Officer Mike Currington was asked to stand front and center.

"When he got up on stage, everybody started screaming so it probably felt pretty good for him, but he deserves it," Choir Director Keith Rising said.

(Song starts at 8:50)



"I was taken aback," Currington said. "They don't have to do any of this. I really enjoy my kids."

The students wanted to recognize him for always standing by their sides faithfully at Harding. It was an idea that came directly from some of the seniors, but the sentiment was echoed by underclassmen, too.

"He shows a lot of support to everybody in school," senior Andrew Peterson said. "If you're feeling down, you can talk to him and he'll pick you right back up and make you feel better."

Jeremiah Barnes, a sophomore, said some kids at the school don't have parents in their lives.

"Basically, half of the students at Warren G. Harding look up to Officer Currington."

"He means so much to me," junior Michalah Jackson said. "Every day I come to school, I look forward to seeing him. He's like a big inspiration to me."

They say he's their role model.

"I never thought of myself like that," Currington said. "I'm super glad that they feel that way about me...It's tough. I'm just doing my job and it fell into place."

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