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Boardman neighborhood ducking after hawk attacks man's head

People living on W. Parkside Drive near Mill Creek Park are being extra careful

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) - Boardman's W. Parkside Drive is wooded -- not far from Mill Creek Park -- and a perfect place for wildlife. But last week, that wildlife became violent when a man working in the yard said he was attacked by a hawk, which gave him two cuts on his head.

Bill Dinardo said it's not safe to be outside. After being attacked, he worries it could happen again.

"It just happened like one, two, three, boom and it's gone," he said.

Bill is still shaken. He said the attack happened while he was cleaning his neighbor's yard. The culprit's nest is nearby.

"We knew they were around, but I didn't think they would attack," said Bill's brother, Lou Dinardo.

Nesting hawks have neighbors on this block worried. Lou said they've been around for years.

While Bill's the only recent victim, he said it could happen to anyone.

"They're not safe for pets or little kids if you're out playing."

His advice is to stay away.

"You've got to stay away when you see them in the morning, stay away," Bill said.

That's exactly what neighbors plan to do. One woman said she keeps her daughter close when she's outside. Another woman said she's always on the lookout and sees the birds on lampposts, poles and power lines.

As for Bill, he plans to take his own advice -- at least for now -- saying he's scared to go outside.

He wants the hawks gone, but to do that, you have to contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Division.

It's likely the hawks are just protecting their chicks. In that case, the problem may go away in a few weeks.

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