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Youngstown Incubator's 5th building takes place of old Vindicator

CEO Barb Ewing says the building will house two types of 3D printing companies

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) -  A subsidiary of the Youngstown Vindicator donated the first building of the Youngstown Business Incubator in 1991. Monday, the incubator cut the ribbon on its fifth building -- and once again The Vindicator was involved.

The Vindicator Publisher Betty Brown Jagnow and her son, General Manager Mark Brown, joined 125 others for the ribbon cutting. The building was formally The Vindicator's main offices.

"It's kind of an odd feeling," Mark Brown said. "I mean it's nice to be back in the building, but it feels kind of strange since it's no longer ours. They've done a beautiful job with it. I think it looks terrific."

The event was held in the room where the newspaper was once printed. The bay where the presses once stood were empty.

"Tonight is definitely the night to thank the community and our supporters," Brown said.

Incubator CEO Barb Ewing says the building will house two types of 3D printing companies -- those in the early stages that are looking to grow and...

"We also have space for very high end pieces of additive manufacturing equipment for industrial purposes," she said.

To help the high end industrial companies, XJet Limited of Israel will locate its 3D manufacturing system here in January. It can produce metal or ceramic parts.

"The only limit will be the limit to their imagination -- what they can do with this technology," Avi Cohen of XJet said.

The building already has three tenants -- Strangpresse, AST2, and Juggerbot, which are all 3D printing companies. The five-year plan is to have 350 jobs here paying an average of $52,000 per year. A Youngstown Business Incubator partnership with First Energy is coming soon to the front of the building.

"And we are proud to announce that YBI will be the home to the first charging stations for electric cars," Ewing said. "We will have green spaces in front of the building -- just as soon as we can get them installed in front of our new building."

The Incubator did, in places, try to keep the character of the building, which was built in 1932.

An old Linotype printer sat in the room where the ribbon cutting was held. Some of the old wooden doors still hang, while the heavy metal doors -- once at the main entrance -- were replaced.

But the doors are saved and displayed in the main lobby.


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