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Niles teen's attorneys ask some evidence be excluded in murder case

17-year-old Jacob LaRosa is accused of beating 94-year-old Marie Belcastro to death in March 2015

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - The Niles teenager accused of killing his elderly neighbor in March of 2015 was in Trumbull County Court Thursday for a suppression hearing.

Authorities say 17-year-old Jacob LaRosa beat 94-year-old Marie Belcastro to death in her Cherry Street home.

Attorneys representing LaRosa are asking a judge to exclude some evidence at trial.

The items include those collected from his person and his home the day of the murder, as well as statements he made to police.

"I don't know how many times he said, 'They are gonna kill me for this, they are gonna kill me for this,'" Niles Police Officer Todd Mobley said.

Assistant Prosecutor Chris Becker told the court the state agreed to not use the statement Larosa gave to Niles Police Lt. Dan Adkins at the hospital on March 31 of 2015.

However, he would want to question him about it should he take take the stand.

But Larosa's attorneys want other things said to officers suppressed too, including anything he may have said around police.

"I don't recall asking him any questions pertinent to why I was there," Former Niles Officer Mike Biddlestone said.

"With reference to any other extraneous statements that the defendant gave, we believe those statements were not made as a result of questioning by law enforcement," Becker said, "and are not a violation of Miranda rights or constitutional rights."

Judge Wyatt McKay will rule on the motion at a later date.

LaRosa's jury trial is scheduled to begin in February.


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