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Niles couple gets a scare when car crashes into garage

The driver lost control on North Road in Niles, went through a yard and crashed into the corner of the Camrose Drive home

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) - A car went off the road in Niles on Monday and shocked the couple whose garage it crashed into.

The driver lost control on North Road, went through a yard and crashed into the corner of the Camrose Drive home.

"I was watching The Price Is Right and heard a loud noise, thinking maybe my house is falling down," said Delores Mayfield, the homeowner. "I was worried about my husband because he had just come out to bring the garbage can in. I thought, 'Did someone hit him?'"

Her husband slipped back inside fine, but they ran outside and saw the damage.

"Then I came running out and seen a car sticking out of my garage," Mayfield said.

The car was going fast enough to break through the garage and smash two vehicles inside. Mayfield said they're heavily damaged and she doesn't know if they can be fixed.

"Both of our cars are in the garage. Can't be driven, can't get the door open."

That was a concern since Mayfield had some doctor's appointments coming up.

The driver of the crashed car was pulled out through the hatchback and taken to the hospital. Mayfield thinks he had a seizure or other medical condition behind the wheel.

She is glad there was no fire or more serious damage to the home.

"Didn't rupture gas lines or nothing. Just knocked out the internet and landline phones and that's it. Still got TV to watch, though. Still watch my Price Is Right tomorrow."


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