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New Castle man tells officers marijuana in pants is uranium, police say

The things Firas Ainalchaybeh was saying were "complete nonsense," according to police

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - Warren officers arrested a New Castle man on Monday after they said the "uranium" he claimed to have in his pants was actually marijuana.

Police pulled over 47-year-old Firas Ainalchaybeh, who they said was driving recklessly, just after noon on Monday at Clarence Street and Adelaide Avenue.

When officers asked him why he was driving that way, Ainalchaybeh told them he worked for the government, according to a police report.

Police said they asked Ainalchaybeh what he stuffed down his pants before they pulled him over, and he told them it was uranium.

They claimed the things he was saying were "complete nonsense."

Police asked him to get out of the car and handcuffed him because they learned he didn't have a valid license.

Though officers didn't find any weapons on him, they said Ainalchaybeh did have "spiritual rocks" and a small dog in the car.

He later admitted that he bought marijuana at a Trumbull Homes apartment, but he threw it out of the window, police said. He then confessed the pot was actually in his underwear, according to the police report.

Ainalchaybeh is facing charges of obstructing official business and drug abuse (marijuana), along with citations for driving under suspension and having a cracked windshield.


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