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Monday morning rush slowed by ice and slush

The now wet roads could become icy again Monday night as temperatures drop below freezing

(WKBN) - After freezing rain and sleet left a coating of ice on the roads early Monday morning, snow started to fall just as many were leaving for work or school. It created a slippery, slushy mess just about everywhere -- from the normally busy US-224 in Boardman to Route 11 and Interstate 680.

Those WKBN talked to on Monday all said drivers were taking it easy.

"They're slowing down a lot," said George Argeras, of Poland. "You have to in this weather. You'd be kind of nuts not to."

"Roads were really slushy and I took the highway," said Stephen Heasley, of Struthers. "You could just see people slipping all over the place and stuff. It was pretty bad."

Others said they were glad to see fewer vehicles on the road.

"I thought there was school, but I guess a lot of schools called off so there are no school buses," said Jean Shakelford, of Canfield. "That makes it much easier and I noticed there weren't a lot of trash companies out this morning to tie us up."

Despite the snow and ice, it was back to class for the first day of a new semester at Youngstown State. Students said while the roads weren't in the best shape, the conditions didn't catch them by surprise.

"I was texting my friends the whole time and they told me," Heasley said. "I was kind of prepared for it but I mean, it is what it is. You know, it's winter around here."

By 10 a.m., the snow had already slowed down and many of the main roads near campus, like Wick Avenue, were wet or slushy.

Across town, however, several side streets remained largely untouched. Road crews focused on clearing the main streets first. Still, it was enough to convince some to give up on traveling very far if they could help it.

"I had some appointments today with work but going to New Castle and Sharon, I think I'm gonna cancel them," Argeras said. "It's kind of slick and, basically, you have to be careful."

Something worth remembering this time of year around northeast Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

The wet roads could become icy again Monday night as temperatures drop below freezing.

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