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Mayor-elect Brown takes first oath, comments on Aqua Ohio offer

Youngstown Mayor-elect Tito Brown took his first oath of office Saturday

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Youngstown Mayor-elect Tito Brown took his first of two oaths of office Saturday. He also commented on Aqua Ohio's interest in purchasing Youngstown's water system for the first time.

Brown took his oath of office from Judge Lou D'Apolito.

"Everyday I get closer to Jan. 1, it gets more real," he said. "This was great.

"The reason I had it today was I had family and friends who couldn't be here at other times. So we came up with a date where we could come together, because there's been generations before me that paved the way for me to become Mayor of the city of Youngstown."

A number of people spoke throughout the ceremony, including Brown's oldest son and his wife, who also sang a song about faith.

Then Brown took the microphone, talking about the many chapters in his life to the top of city hall.

Once number 50 for the Rayen High School football team, he's now the 51st mayor of Youngstown.

"It's time for me to write my chapter in this book of the city of Youngstown," Brown said.

The official transform from current Youngstown Mayor John McNally to mayor-elect Brown doesn't take place until after the new year. But Brown already has some things to consider.

Fifty-seven people applied for eight cabinet positions in the city, including police and fire chief.

And Aqua Ohio just offered $50 million to the city for the water system -- an offer which Brown isn't too interested in. He says Youngstown already makes around $30 million annually from its own water system.

"That number didn't say, 'Hey that's something we want to do,'" Brown said. "But our water is our greatest asset in the city of Youngstown. That would definitely have to be the last resort."

Mayor-elect Brown will take another oath of office at New Bethel Baptist Church on Dec. 30, with other Youngstown officials being sworn in.


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