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Investigators: Beaver Local bus driver lived in E. Liverpool meth house

The Beaver Local School District said Bruce Easterday's wife was placed on paid administrative leave after the East Liverpool raid

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio (WKBN) - East Liverpool's See Something, Say Something campaign again helped police put an end to some drug activity in the city. This time, it was a meth-making operation in a rental home.

Investigators say the wife of a man who was arrested during Tuesday's raid works as a bus driver for the Beaver Local School District and lived at the house.

The people living in the home on Riley Avenue had been renting it for just about six weeks. In that short time, their neighbors noticed suspicious activity, like people coming in and out at all hours of the day and lights staying on all night.

On Tuesday evening, police raided the home and found 45-year-old Bruce Easterday in the front room, making meth.

"Several chemicals that's used to make meth, possible suspected methamphetamines and other narcotics were found," Patrolman Justin Watkins said.

Those chemicals were also found outside the house in a fire pit, which neighbors noticed being burned several times.

Easterday, a 19-year-old woman and a small dog were taken out of the house.

Easterday's wife, a Beaver Local School bus driver, was at work at the time. Safety Service Director Brian Allen called the school superintendent during the raid.

"I made a phone call to the school district, just so they should be aware. With those kinds of chemicals and children being involved, I felt they should be aware," Allen said.

Also inside the home, officers found children's toys and potty chairs, along with a child's bedroom.

If evidence finds that children were there when meth was being made, Easterday will face even more charges in addition to the original drug charge of having the chemicals to make methamphetamine.

A housing inspector had been by the house three weeks ago and reported four kids and three adults living there.

"He didn't see anything. Everything must have been cleaned up at that point because it's not a surprise inspection. They actually know we're coming," Allen said.

That inspector had also issued several violations at the time, none of which were taken care of.

Police condemned the house and boarded it up. They're waiting for a response from the owner before taking further action.

"This house is in such bad shape that if the repairs aren't done immediately, the city will move to have it torn down," Allen said.

The Beaver Local School District said Easterday's wife has been placed on paid administrative leave.


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