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Valley glazed over in ice as snow begins to fall

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the entire area until Monday evening

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for the entire area until Monday evening.

The threat continues to be ice and snow this morning.

You can send in reports under the Report-It tab on our website. Here is the latest information we have:

(1:37 PM) Speed limits were restored on all interstates in Pennsylvania.

(8:29 AM) The speed limit has been reduced to 45 miles per hour on the following highways in Pennsylvania - Interstate 90 in Erie County; Interstate 86 in Erie County; Interstate 79 in Erie, Crawford and Mercer counties; Interstate 80 in Mercer and Venango counties; Interstate 376 in Mercer County.

(7:24 AM) There are now over 130 school closings and delays across seven counties.

(7:11 AM) Viewer report from Rogers: "Icy on Route 7 south of Rogers"

(7:00 AM) Storm Team 27 Update: The transition line from freezing rain to snow is moving through the Valley. Snow will continue to fall for most of the morning. The problem is the layer of ice that will be below the snow pack. This will be difficult for drivers to see on their morning commutes. There are reports of cars off the roads in multiple locations in the area. Please use extreme caution if you need to head out this morning.

(6:54 AM) Snow is starting to accumulate on the roads in Trumbull County.

(6:45 AM) There are 118 schools closings and delays across seven counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

(6:33 AM) Viewer report from Canfield: "Freezing rain is changing to snow"

(6:31 AM) There are over 100 schools closings and delays across six counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

(6:30 AM) Storm Team 27 Weather Watcher James Demarco is reporting freezing rain turning over to sleet at Lake Milton. There is already a glaze of ice.

(6:24 AM) Youngstown City Street Department is treating the roads and warning drivers to stay off the side roads. Main roads and bridges are being treated but crews have not hit the secondary roads yet.

(6:01 AM) Some cars off the road on Route 11. Howland calling for more ice trucks.

(5:58 AM) Viewer report from Newton Falls: "Freezing rain and an accumulation of ice"

(5:54 AM) There are now 30 school closings and delays across four counties.

(5:37 AM) A thin layer of ice is starting to form in Mahoning and Columbiana Counties on elevated and untreated roadways.

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