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Austintown crime activity: Police arrest man they say lied 3 times

Police investigated the following reports in Austintown from October 19-24:

Thursday, October 19

3:57 p.m. - 6000 Mahoning Ave., Scott McCleery, 38, of Girard, arrested on a warrant while at Planet Fitness.

6:26 p.m. - 100 block of Ohltown Rd., Christopher Koval, 35, of Canfield, arrested and charged with falsification. According to the report, an officer was following up a hit/skip accident from Wednesday. Police said Koval, the car's owner, changed his story three times about what happened during the crash. They arrested him because they said he provided them with misleading information multiple times despite being warned he would be criminally charged if he continued to do so. Koval pleaded not guilty.

Friday, October 20

8:40 p.m. - Oakwood Ave. and N. Navarre Ave., Jabiel Vega, 24, arrested on a warrant after a traffic stop.

Tuesday, October 24

12:54 a.m. - 1100 block of N. Canfield Niles Rd., Deandre Levy, 26, of Youngstown, arrested on a warrant after a traffic stop.

2:12 p.m. - 6000 block of Mahoning Ave., Ashley Levin, 31, charged with petty theft. According to a police report, a Walmart employee told officers Levin was trying to leave with two pairs of slippers without paying. Employees stopped her on her way out. Levin pleaded not guilty.

3:28 p.m. - 4700 block of Mahoning Ave., Angela Maggianetti, 39, arrested and charged with petty theft. Police said Maggianetti tried to shoplift various items from Marc's by stuffing them in her purse.

Disclaimer: These reports don't represent all calls made to the Austintown Police Department. This public information was provided in reports from the Austintown Police Department. Items reflect charges filed, not convictions.

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